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Holistic Healing Made Easy 

A Bit More About Me


I started my holistic journey 8 ago at the gym, working out to better my mind and body. Since then it has grown into a holistic business.


As a holistic healer I have the opportunity to provide myself and others everyday healing in a variety of different ways including Sound Baths, Tarot Readings, Meditation, Crystal Healing, and healing products. This business is a manifestation of my lifelong desire to help heal people and the world, and also to reintroduce natural healing magick to the world.


Through herbs, crystals, sound, and more I aim to heal everyday life ailments such as, depression, anxiety, creativity, self-love, and more. I personally believe that life is best lived with a balance of natural magick and a modern way of life and blend them into my business. I hope to make more natural forms of healing accessible to as many people as possible so that we all can live our best lives, happily.  


I am a NASM Personal Trainer, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Intuitive Tarot Reader, Certified Sound Bath Healer and also a Naval Reserve. I love reading, listening to music and working out. My favorite sports to play are Volleyball, Tennis, and Softball. I have 20+ plants all named and love nature and animals. One day I hope to have a mini farm and live in a small town. 


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