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Magic is all around us, it isn't flying on a broom, it is the natural energy that all things are created out of.

Being able to tap into this energy and connect back with the earth that birthed us gives us the ability to make magic happen.

PureTifa is all about tapping into that natural, magic, energy around you to help and enhance your everyday life.

Whether it is through, teas or candles, readings, energy manipulation, or a positive exercise routine, we are here to sprinkle holistic happiness into your life.​

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Holistic How!

Using the knowledge passed down through centuries PureTifa uses herbs and oils to elicit certain energies and aid you in your daily life.


Each tea, candle, or spray is curated with a specific intention in mind and all ingredients are carefully picked for their natural and magical properties.


Whether you are looking for something to help calm you, boost creativity, or aid in your meditation practice, there is something here for you


Wanted to let you know I got the tea and I’ve been drinking it in the mornings the past couple of days. It’s really helped calm down a lot of my sinus inflammation. It tastes great too!

The eucalyptus helps open up my breathing, and the green tea gives me that extra motivation to get moving.
Thank you so much!

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